Thursday, April 30, 2009

a day at the park

I took the kiddos to the park after school one day last week. Jenna LOVED her big bubby pushing her on the swing. She just cackled. TOO CUTE! We’re off to get her a swing for the fort out back!

Mad Scientist Party 002 Mad Scientist Party 006 Mad Scientist Party 007 Mad Scientist Party 004

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Joshua’s MAD Scientist Birthday Party

It happened again, Joshua had another one of the coolest parties ever! This year it was a MAD SCIENTIST PARTY! We made GLEUP, did “consumable” experiments, bobbed for brains, played with Vaseline and a black light (it glows!!), and even did a couple “non consumable” experiments. Nana, the MAD Scientist did the experiments with the kids and taught them a ton about chemicals and their reactions with one another. The kids had a BLAST and were more involved and entertained than at any party we have had thus far. It was an AWESOME time!

The GLEUP! They LOVED THIS!!!!! It was so neat to see their reactions to the “reaction” that took place in their lil cups!

Mad Scientist Party 018 Mad Scientist Party 022

Mad Scientist Party 028

Mad Scientist Party 048

Bobbing for Brains!!! Unexpectedly, they dove right in!!!

Mad Scientist Party 037 Mad Scientist Party 043 Mad Scientist Party 044Mad Scientist Party 054Mad Scientist Party 020 Mad Scientist Party 018- cropped Mad Scientist Party 058Mad Scientist Party 057

Baby Jenna, in on the MAD fun! So cute in her scrubs & mask!

Mad Scientist Party 051 Mad Scientist Party 053

Ahh the CAKE!!!!!!! CHECK OUT THAT MASTERPIECE!!! Yeah, that’s right, Mommy made this years cake again! I cant lie, I tried to have it made this year…but no one would do it and thank goodness they didn't, because it turned out awesome I must say! & the inside of his head was blood red. ;)

Mad Scientist Party 047Mad Scientist Party 061

Mad Scientist Party 033

The best part of any birthday (to this birthday boy anyways…) OPENING PRESENTS! Joshua got lots of great gifts, thank you EVERYONE!Mad Scientist Party 067Mad Scientist Party 068Mad Scientist Party 071Mad Scientist Party 086Mad Scientist Party 085

We had an awesome time! thank you to EVERYONE who came & EVERYONE who helped!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Pictures at Mama’s

Easter 078 Easter 079 Easter 081 Easter 083

Easter 088 - b&w

Easter 091 Easter 092 Easter 093 Easter 087 Easter 098Easter 094 Easter 097

Jenna says “Mommy, why are you taking so many pictures?”Easter 099 Easter 103 - b&wEaster 104 Easter 110

Easter Egg Hunt….shirtless??

Ok….so we colored eggs first. Its not Easter without coloring Easter Eggs! & the boys took their shirts off about 1/2 way through. (for Devon it was one lil spot of food coloring too late – OOPS! SORRY MAMA!) So, needless to say… the boys were shirtless in the Easter Egg Hunt. We hid 117 eggs for them to find! AND ONLY LOST 1!!!! AWESOME HUH?? They had a lot of fun, and even lil Jenna found a couple.

Easter 112Easter 113Easter 115-1 Easter 122Easter 126 Easter 121

With a little coaching, Jenna spotted an egg in the bush! She went right for it the first time but that silly bush is prickly! But after a min she went at it again and knocked it right out!

The Tally

Devon's Total = 48 Eggs!

Joshua's Total = 40 Eggs!

Jamie’s Total = 26 Eggs!

Jenna’s Total = 3 Eggs!Easter 130