Monday, November 16, 2009

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Joshua LOVES reading to Jenna. Jenna LOVES tormenting Joshua while he reads. It always starts out sweet and innocent, as you can see…then it turns into all out WAR! :) Luckily this one ended with a KISS!! :)

11 November 2009

I give it a couple years before she is fully able to wear him out :) Until then…It’s all in fun.

After their “make-up kisses”, they played little people house together. So cute!

11.14.2009 06611.14.2009 067 11.14.2009 068 11.14.2009 069

Tastefully Simple

Mom and I had a Tastefully Simple Party on Saturday. It was nice having some friends over for us and the kids. Jenna became FAST friends with Melissa’s daughter Megan and Joshua rekindled his friendship with Cheryl’s daughter Cassie. The food was GREAT and the friendship was AWESOME!!!

11.14.2009 00111.14.2009 005

Everyone started to leave & Jenna being the lil ham that she is, stayed at the door to wave “bye bye”. 11.14.2009 Jennadresscollage

Cassie & Joshua11.14.2009 006

Jenna & Mommy11.14.2009 009   

Nana aka “Aun-ya” “MeMe” Nay-Nay” & Jenna11.14.2009 020

Cassie stayed over to play for awhile until the movie started. Mom went with Cheryl, Paula, Cassie and Joshua to see the “Christmas Carol”. Mommy wanted to go…but Jenna isn’t old enough for a movie. Maybe next year! They had a lot of fun playing Air Hockey while they were still at the house….

11.14.2009 AirHockeyCollage 11.14.2009 044

Jenna joined in on the Air Hockey fun after Cassie and Joshua were finished playing. She LOVED hitting the puck back and forth with Mommy & Nana.11.14.2009 047 11.14.2009 04611.14.2009 048

Born to be WILD!

I brought the kids all a little something from Snowshoe. Mom got Moose socks, Joshua got a wooden compass with Snowshoe Mountain carved on the back and some candies, and Jenna got PJ’s! They’re soo cute, I couldn’t help but to take some pictures of her in them!

11.12.2009 Snowshoe PJs 00211.12.2009 Snowshoe PJs 005 11.12.2009 Snowshoe PJs 006

Jenna loves her blankie(s)!! She usually has 2 blankies, her “bankie” (which is a tiny blanket with silk, velvet, and bubbly fabric on it) and her baby. She’s cute…her blanket is always draped around her shoulders.


11.12.2009 Snowshoe PJs 01111.12.2009 Snowshoe PJs 012

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Joshua, Nana & I carved our pumpkins yesterday. We carved three pumpkins. Jenna and Nana did a regular Jack-O-Lantern, I made Jenna a cat pumpkin and Joshua made a really cool spider. We all had fun and nobody got too badly hurt. (I cut my finger a lil, but I survived.)

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (3)

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (5)

Joshua cleaning the guts out of his pumpkin. I think he enjoyed this a little too much! :)

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (11)

His sister followed suit. She also really enjoyed the guts! & They both tried to eat them! HAHA

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (21)

Me gettin’ into Jenna’s cat pumpkin

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (24)

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (27)

Jenna and Nana finished first. (theirs was easy!)

Our Finished Pumpkins…

[10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (53)[3].jpg]

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving 10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (33)

10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (35) 10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (34)10.31.2009 Pumpkin Carving (32)