Thursday, February 26, 2009

¡Fiesta Fiesta!

Carmel LOVES Mexican, every time anyone wants to go to lunch, he says “Mexican!!”…. So, I figured a Fiesta would be wonderful idea for his retirement lunch. He was very surprised & we all had a blast! Carmelo mejor de las suertes, le echaremos de menos!

The Sign that I made for Carmel.

It says: “Best Wishes Carmel!”

2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 001

The mean spread we had….

2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 0042.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 013 2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 008 2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 012

2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 0152.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 006 2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 027 2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 028 2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 029 2.25.2009 Carmel Lucas 033

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jenna’s on the go!!!!

Life as I knew it is over. I sat Jenna down in the living room floor one day last week, walked in the kitchen to grab something, came back and she was on the other side of the room. OH NO! Unlike little, calm, meek Joshua….Jenna is a wild child. She is always on the move, into something. Her favorite pass times are pulling Mommy’s hair, pinching that spot under your arm (where the skin is really soft and sensitive), and chewing everything in site. She sure is a cutie & is FULL of personality!!

She’s on the move……

Bitechu says “I can crawl too”…

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentine’s day!

the kids got a package from g*ma this week full of valentines goodies! (thank you g*ma) mommy, nana & the kids also got all kinds of valentines goodies!

flowers for mommy from papa….

2.14.2009 Valentine's Day Goodies

delicious edible flowers & chocolate covered strawberries for mommy….2.14.2009 Valentine's Day Goodies (1) 2.14.2009 Valentine's Day Goodies (2)

ohh… and chris page won us lunch from WQBE today. PIZZA! YUM! poor chris had to work in huntington today and couldn’t be here for our free lunch :( but it was yummy!!!! and of course we had some delicious fruit for desert!


jenna & her teddy from g*ma…

2.13.2009 Jenna's V-Day (3)

Joshua’s Valentines Box!!! Wow, turns out that Joshua is just as creative as his mommy. HAHAHAHA Check out his V-Day Box! (full of goodies from school)

2.14.2009 Valentines Day (19)

Yup….thats right, the hole is in the “O”. Man, he’s talented!

2.14.2009 Valentines Day (18)


most of the candy was eaten before i even got home from work. joshua had a friend stay the night friday night…needless to say, they were both wired!

2.14.2009 Valentines Day (5) 2.14.2009 Valentines Day (9) 2.14.2009 Valentines Day (8) 2.14.2009 Valentines Day (12) 2.14.2009 Valentines Day (15)

2.14.2009 Valentines Day (17)

the kids both got heart shaped rocks from cape cod from their g*ma. joshua loves stuff like that! he was really excited!

2.14.2009 Valentines Day (24) 2.14.2009 Valentines Day (25)

happy valentine’s day!!!!!!!!!!!


Baby’s Got Back

I just love how Jenna sleeps booty up…..

2.10.2009 Sleeping Beauty2.11.2009 Sleepy Jenna (1)

2.12.2009 Mommy’s Lil Cupcake 2.12.2009 Sleepy Jenna

Edit: I had to post this one with the others…LOL!

2.16.2009 Sleeping Booty (thanks mom!)IMG_0345

Play Date

Jenna & Delaney (Allison Foster’s Baby Girl) were born 3 days apart. They played sooo nicely together last night while Allison and I worked on some top secret crafty projects. They pretty much just sat and cracked up at each other. It was adorable!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

Jenna LOVES her new toys. She is fascinated with her Big Lady Bug from her G*Ma and her prayer baby from her Nana. & Like bubby…she loves being surrounded by her toys. She’s very excited to be sitting up and able to get to everything. Crawling is coming YIKES!!!! Oh and Jenna is also saying “dadadadada” and I do believe we heard a “NaNa” also. But (by accident) her first word was “hi”.


J Bugs Purse

IMG_0125 IMG_0128

This little pretty lady loves her lipstick. “Is this how you do it Mommy?”IMG_0133

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok…so I had a REALLY bad headache after dinner Saturday evening. I brought Joshua & Devon home and laid down for a lil bit…& a lil bit turned into all night. I woke up Sunday mornin’ (a little disoriented) looking for the kids & this is what I found. I never thought that I would see the day when Joshua’s bedroom looked like it was literally picked up, shook around and sat back down. How much damage can 2 kids do in a few hours?

2.8.2009 Joshua & Devon MESS!2.8.2009 Joshua & Devon MESS! (1)Can you see the floor?? Yes, its that lil spec of green. 2.8.2009 Joshua & Devon MESS! (2)Snoozing away, after a hard nights play.

I told the boys that they were on “damage control”. They were both a lil confused but had two totally different responses. Joshua says “what did we ever do?” – in a freaked out tone and Devon responded sadly with “everything”. HAHAHA The boys spent about an hour and a half cleaning & this was their end result…not too bad for boys. (Mommy, of course, went in and did the finishing touches…after this picture was taken LOL)

2.8.2009 Joshua & Devon MESS! (5)

The boys spent the rest of the day happily playing outside. A messy room & cleanup didn't bring them down! They were soo cute! Devon was teaching Joshua how to run & jump on the swing.

Eventful Weekend…

This past weekend was full of fun… Saturday Afternoon Joshua went with my Dad & Devon to the Monster Trucks at the Civic Center. The boys all had a lot of fun! Joshua was saying “Grave Digger is a legend” HAHAHA! – Pictures of the boys…note their lovely ear plugs. ha!

2.7.2009 Monster Truck (9) 2.7.2009 Monster Truck (26)2.7.2009 Monster Truck (11) 2.7.2009 Monster Truck (12) 2.7.2009 Monster Truck (22)

After the Monster Trucks we had a lil “supposed to be surprise” dinner at the Outback for my dad’s 49th Birthday. You’re gettin’ up there dad!!

Mama Lookin’ Pretty

2.7.2009 Dads Birthday (1)

Devon, Dad & Joshua

2.7.2009 Dads Birthday (3)

Joshua & Mommy

2.7.2009 Dads Birthday (9)