Friday, April 23, 2010

Mom’s Birthday


Petra and Eliza came over before Mom’s Birthday Dinner to play with Jenna and I. We had some girl time, played outside, got dressed and then went to dinner for Mom’s Birthday at Hibachi.


Jenna & Eliza looking out of my bedroom window.

4.10.2010 Jenna & Eliza - edited4.10.2010 Jenna & Eliza 2 - edited

Jenna was having a “rough” day. She wanted to do EVERYTHING that Eliza did!!! So we decided to take them outside. They had fun playing on the swing set. & Running some energy off before dinner! :)

4.10.2010 Playin with PayPay


Our men came and picked us up and took us to Hibachi to meet, Mom, Joshua and some friends.


4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (1) 

Michael, Cheryl & Sherri

4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (2) 

Jeff & Amanda

4.10.2010 Jeff & Amanda4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (4)

Sherri & Alex

4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (5)

Cassie & Joshua

4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (6)

Joe & Petra

4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (7) 4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (9) 4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (8)

Dani & Linzie

Linzie’s first ever piece of sushi! :)

4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (15) 4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (12) 4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (13) 

Eating Cake & Ice Cream

4.10.2010 Mom's Birthday Dinner (17) 

Happy Birthday Momma!!!!!

Easter Box from G-ma

Every year the kids get an Easter Box from their G-ma & G-Pa (who live in South Carolina) This year, Joshua was so excited to open his Easter Box that he didn’t wait for me to get home from work. (So, no pictures of Joshua’s box) He did get oodles of goodies however!!!

Jenna opened her box a few days later, with the help of Mommy and Joshua. She got a pretty pink dress, an Easter Bunny dressed up like a Lady Bug, a purple apron, and some yummy candy.

She LOVES her Easter Bunny/Lady Bug!!!!!

4.11.2010 Easter Box from G-ma

Thank you G-ma!!!!!


Easter Baskets!

Both of the kids got a lot of books for Easter this year. Joshua is the best little reader I have ever seen and hopefully Jenna will follow in his “reading” footsteps.

Their Easter Baskets, of course, were hidden this year but, unlike last year, Jenna’s was a little harder to find. Joshua’s, however, was almost impossible. That silly bunny hid it in the bathroom closet!

Jenna’s Easter Basket

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 070

Joshua’s Easter Basket

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 0714.4.2010 Easter Sunday 075 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 063 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 064 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 065 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 066 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 067

Joshua and his Easter Basket. I think he was a little excited to find money in those eggs! (CHECK THE GOLDEN EGG, JOSHUA!!!)

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 074

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 068 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 069  

Jenna, feeding her new bunny rabbit a bottle. He was thirsty!

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 072 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 073 

Happy Easter from the Walker Family!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been a busy girl. I did take a lot of great Easter pictures that I wanted to share, just finding the time to do so has been the problem. So, here they are… I hope you enjoy.

Since it was a BEAUTIFUL day, Jenna and I had a little outdoor photo shoot before the festivities began. She was a good sport but the sun was in her lil eyes. I did get a couple of good shots though.

 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 017 - edited 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 023 - edited 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 025 -edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 024 - edited 

Easter Egg Coloring and Egg Hunt

Thanks to me, it has been our new tradition to color Easter Eggs on Easter day at Mama’s house. And so far, every single year we have had an Easter Egg coloring disaster! This year, I thought we were safe. Jenna was sitting on the opposite side of the table (from the coloring cups) with a WHITE, hardboiled egg. What could happen? Just then, Jenna threw her egg across the table and landed it into the orange coloring cup. Egg Dye went everywhere!!! All over Devon’s brand new Easter shorts, Joshua’s Shirt, etc. Next year, we will be bringing a change of clothes ;)

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 046 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 051 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 052 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 049 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 041 - edited

Jenna wasn’t too fond of Easter Egg Hunting. She would pick an egg up, put it in her basket, take it out and throw it. I don’t think she quite got the concept. That, or she just didn't care!

  4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 055 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 056 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 059 - edited24.4.2010 Easter Sunday 060 - edited

Joshua and Devon, on the other hand, made a whole new game out of Easter Egg Hunting….we’ll call it Easter Egg Dodge Ball.

The both were so covered in lil red Easter Egg whelps that it looked like they had the Chicken Pox!

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 062 - edited4.4.2010 Easter Sunday - Egg Fight - edited

Jenna just sat on the porch with Mommy and watched the silly boys play!

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday Jenna- edited

*Note that once again our boys are SHIRTLESS! The past two years we have had awesome Easter weather…and Egg Coloring Covered Clothing. (say that 5 times fast) haha!


Couple of Random Easter Day pictures….

4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 0434.4.2010 Easter Sunday 039 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 037 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 010 4.4.2010 Easter Sunday 034