Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bluestone 2010

We had yet another wonderful weekend at Bluestone Camp & Retreat Center this past weekend! It was a little rainy, but  we had a lot of good company, and great food to keep us happy :)

5.21.2010 Bluestone 002

It was the “Eco-Stewards” weekend, so mom was RIGHT AT HOME! ;). This means more “eco-beads”…Joshua, Jenna, Jeff and 5.21.2010 Bluestone 008 - editedI participated!! Jeff made 2 bracelets and Jenna strung her very own necklace! Yes, my 2 year old sat and strung beads onto a necklace!!!  Joshua was Nana’s lil helper and Mommy made 2 really awesome bracelets! (ALMOST as good as Nana’s) We stayed up giggling with the girls (and Jeff) rolling beads and making jewelry. Jeff only got his man card revoked once, besides for simply being there making jewelry! HAHA

5.21.2010 Bluestone 006   5.21.2010 Bluestone 004

Did I mention the food?? Saturday was COMPLETELY organic. They found mostly local farms and shops to provide free range chicken, all organic fruits and vegetables, and whole grain breads. It was delicious! I really do wish we could eat that healthy 24/7!!!


Then we played… we swung, we wrestled in the grass, we took walks, we took naps, we pretended to drink a LOT of tea (with Jenna of course, she loves her tea pot!!!), we played games, we played airplane, we had FUN!!!!!

 5.21.2010 Bluestone 012 - edited 5.21.2010 Bluestone 014 - edited 5.21.2010 Bluestone 034 - edited5.21.2010 Bluestone 027 - edited5.24.2010 Jenna - edited5.24.2010 Jenna and the Flower - edited  

Ok, at first I felt like a bad mother, but after thinking about it, I didn't see him much… take note that there are no pictures of Joshua. This is because as soon as we got there, he hopped out of the car and disappeared. Never again to be seen. Seriously, he even skipped a few meals. He has a friend, Brett that he runs around with at Bluestone. Brett lives there and is very familiar with the camp, so they just run amuck. They’re always good, and around somewhere but I do think that this is partly because I am no longer “cool”. Ugh. Preteens! (:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

smores & More…

5.14.2010 Camping 001We went camping this past weekend and had a BLAST! Knowing that it was going to RAIN RAIN RAIN on  Friday night but be sunny and pretty the rest of the weekend, we decided to brave it! And, that it did! We got to Mountain Lake Campground around 4pm 5.14.2010 Camping 006Friday afternoon. Set up the tents just in time for the storm! It started raining at around 6pm. We snuggled up in our tent with a deck of cards when it got REALLY BAD! We were literally holding the poles of the tent to keep it from blowing over!!! Lightening, Thunder, Rain like no other…. all for about 45 minutes. If we had had a little bit of time to think about it, we may have actually been scared! But, just like all turmoil, it passed. We sopped up the water covered floor of our tent, had chicken salad for dinner and started our camping adventure! :)

5.14.2010 TENT collage

Trial and error, our Coleman stove did NOT work….our fire DID! :)

5.14.2010 Camping 016 

“The truth is… I AM IRON MAN!”5.14.2010 Camping 020

Breakfast on our WOLF! :) Eggs, bacon, sausage, english muffins… it was DELICIOUS!!!!

5.14.2010 Camping 0225.14.2010 Camping 023 

After breakfast, we took a walk down by the lake. 5.14.2010 Camping 025Summersville Lake that is. Joshua enjoyed getting dirty a little more than Mommy did. He was out walking in the water, playing in the clay, being a boy. Jeff taught him how to skip rocks, and apparently pose like an explorer. And by the way, Jeff needs to be crowned the “Word’s most awesome rock skipper”!!! He almost made it across the entire lake!!! CRAZY! 

5.14.2010 Camping 027 5.14.2010 Camping 0265.14.2010 Camping 0285.14.2010 Camping 0365.14.2010 Camping 029 5.14.2010 Camping 033 5.14.2010 Camping 034

Skipping rocks..

5.14.2010 Camping 035  

G*Ma, this picture is for you… From Joshua.

He found this snake in the cabin and HAD to take a picture to show his G*Ma!! He said, “if G*Ma was here, she would be scared to death!!!”

5.14.2010 Camping 038

5.14.2010 Camping 039Corn, sautéed onions, steak and baked potatoes on the fire! I seriously think that was the best steak I have EVER eaten. NO JOKE! My hunny is a master at the camp fire grilling thing.  :) I'm thinking about suggesting that all of our meals be prepared outside from now on…. (it will cut down on the dishes too, but don't tell him that part!!!)

We also had a “Campfire Banana Split”. If you have never heard of this….it’s a Banana, split down the middle, (but not all of the way through the peal) stuffed with baby marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Wrap it with aluminum foil and stick it in the fire long enough for the marshmallows and chocolate chips to melt. It is DELICIOUS and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!   5.14.2010 Banana Split5.14.2010 Camping 0445.14.2010 Camping 045   5.14.2010 Camping 043

Mommy, Joshua & Jeff on the playground, being silly!5.14.2010 Camping 041

(insert Titanic Theme Song here)

5.14.2010 Camping 0475.14.2010 Camping 040 5.14.2010 Camping 042

Joshua has this terribly serious look on his face and said, “Mommy, take my picture.” I said, “Joshua you look like you’re going to poop!” He cracked the BIGGEST smile and I got a great picture! :)

5.14.2010 Camping 057

5.14.2010 Camping 0375.14.2010 Camping 048 5.14.2010 Camping 049 5.14.2010 Camping 050 5.14.2010 Camping 054 5.14.2010 Camping 055

We had a WONDERFUL weekend, rain and all!!! I would do it all a thousand times over! And we really cannot wait until our next camp out in June!!!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day 2010


I am so blessed to have such wonderful little people to call my family. They amaze me every time I look into their little eyes. Even Joshua with his smart lil mouth, and Jenna with her wild little temper… they’re special, wonderful, beautiful children & they’re MINE!!!!!!!

<3     <3     <3     <3     <3     <3    <3

After Church and Cracker Barrel with Mom, Jeff and the kids, Erin Lewis invited us to spend Mother’s Day afternoon with her family and it was WONDERFUL! We had homemade ice-cream and enjoyed each others company.  We had so much fun, thank you for the invite Erin!!!!


He’ll NEVER be too BIG for me to hold!

5.9.2010 Mother's Day 020 - edited


5.9.2010 Mother's Day 021 - edited

Joshua and I seem to forget to take pictures together, so this Mother’s Day we decided to do just that!!! :) This one is my FAVORITE!!!! <3 I love him!

5.9.2010 Mother's Day 023 - EDITED!5.9.2010 Mother's Day 022 - cropped

The girls showed us how corn hole is played! Who knew this game could be so versatile? Can even be used as a step-stool…

5.9.2010 Cornhole Collage

Pretty little lady!

5.9.2010 Mother's Day 0275.9.2010 Mother's Day 033

My boys….they LOVE to wrestle and sword fight!!!!5.9.2010 HorseShoe Fight Collage

Ms. Madilynn

5.9.2010 Mother's Day 0145.9.2010 Mother's Day 0045.9.2010 Swinging Collage