Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday...

PaPa & Pierce!

Saturday, Nanny, Papa, Mom & I all went to dinner at Hibachi to celebrate Papa upcoming birthday. It was a really good time. We went shopping afterwards at Pier 1 & Target. We didn't have the kids that evening...so we had some much needed "adult time".

Papa said he wasnt very good at drinking with chop sticks.

Looks pretty good to me! After dinner & a lil rest I went out with Petra & Joe to the Vandaila Bar & Grille to celebrate Pierce's 21st Birthday!!

Shots for Everyone...
thanks Joe...but YUCK! bleh!

Joe & Petra

Eww, a tounge...

& Two more ....

Night Night Ya'll.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spic n' Span

Nanny discovered that the kids, yes...both of them, actually like doing their chores. As long as you have a camera handy I guess. Jenna was in there saying "chee" "cheee". They had a fun time cleaning the glass on the front door with their G*Ma.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kanawha State Forrest, Labor Day Weekend!

Ok, so I just realized that I hadn't posted these pictures yet. OOPS!
Sarah came in to visit for Labor Day weekend. As usual, we had a hectic weekend but managed to squeeze a visit to the park in there! We had a blast...besides all of those pesty lil nats! Joshua, Sarah & Tucker had a good ole time playin' in the creek. It was a lil chilly, but Mommy finally kicked her shoes off and walked through the water too.
We didn't get any water pictures...but we got quite a few of us all playing on the playground.

PS. The Merry-Go-Round makes me SICK! Umm.. and swinging does a lil too.
I am starting to draw the conclusion that I do, infact have a weak stomach.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Trouble is Brewing!

G.Ma and I found these Halloween jammies for Joshua & Jenna. They were both very excited to wear them and get pictures. Jenna's lil kitties & pumpkins on her pants glow in the dark. She got a major kick out of that. Joshua has always loved his jams!

*Twinkle Toes*

G*Ma & G*Pa are in for the week....which is AWESOME!!! We all cooked out and had a great time with the kids. Their visit motivated me to get my crap done and mantle fixed up a lil (it was a mess). It's now a spooky lil halloween mantle!! :) LOVE my lil witchy poo!!

Dad & Tammy also ended up stopping by for a surprise visit. (which was really nice!!!) Dad took me for a short but NERVE RACKING Harley Ride. Whew...I seriously thought I might vomit off of the side a few times. I have been on a Harley before, but I think I was trying to "act cool" so I don't remember being so scared. Probably was though I guess. I sure do hope I didn't look this stupid back then too.... HAHAHA

*Vroom Vroom*

Friday, September 18, 2009


Melody, Justin, & I went to Hibachi the other evening. We decided to go over to the GrandPrix to play a game of laser tag...the girls won, of course! Just FYI...laser tag rocks my world! What a great time! We also took a lil roundy-round on the track too. The whole evening was a lot of fun!

Mel & Manda after the big win!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Family Happenings....

1. Jenna is up and moving BIG TIME! She pretty much took off the past few weeks :)
Her preferred method of travel is definitely on her two little feet.
2. My Nanny and Papa are coming in this weekend!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am.
3. Joshua has had a WONDERFUL start to his school year. Pray for us to keep up the good work!
4. I have found the love of my life ...total bliss.
I <3 YOU EV!!!!
5. When I have Jenna, I drop everything and PLAY!!! Our time together is amazing.
6. Harry Potter land is opening in "Spring 2010" & we're going!!!!!
7. The house is finally getting pressure washed after a year and a half of living there.
8. Joshua & Jenna love Ev just as much as I do...if not more.
9. I really wish we could get up to Huntington to see Ev's family more often.
10. Mom is having surgery on September 23rd.
Keep her in mind and pray for a fast, painless recovery. <3
Jenna’s Newest Words
Nay-Nay (Nana)
Chee.. ("cheese" for pictures)
Some Oldies…
Kitty Kitty
Bye Bye
Ma-Ma (old version of Mommy)
Tank-e (Thank you)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You brush your teeth ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch....

Here's my toothpaste
Here's my brush
I won't hurry, I won't rush.
Working hard to keep teeth clean
Front and back and in between
When I brush for quite a while
I will have a happy smile.

Jenna LOVES brushing her teeth with her big brother. Every morning we all brush our teeth together. She has a little stool in the bathroom she sits on and brushes all six of her lil pearly whites like a big girl.

I thought I would throw this in here since we're "in the bathroom" hehe....
The ladybug bathtub toy holder that Crystol got Jenna for her birthday.
I finally got it hung up hehe & just love it!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Time

We spent a wonderful, much needed, relaxing evening with my dad, Tammy & Devon last night. Jenna started out being a lil shy...but perked right up, especially when her bubby got home!!!! Mama, Papa, Devon & Jenna played Noah's Ark & One of Jenna's favorite things...doctor. I ordered pizza and Jenna ate a FULL MAN SIZE SLICE! & fruit. WOW... that girl can really eat!

<3 My Uncle Devon!
Devon, Jenna & Papa
Jenna & Those glasses again.
They sure are cute one me. hehe
Mama & Papa playing doctor - trying to make Jenna feel better.
It's REALLY funny when Papa wears them!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm trying to sneak halloween into the house. Is it too early?? I'm not sure.
A few lil pictures to kick off the season. ;)

Mommy's new witch. I just LOVE her...the boys don't :(

Jenna MIGHT be a clown. This is the start of her costume.
Jenna LOVES her new Halloween "kitty kitty" Mommy got her.
Mommy, Jenna & The Kitty Kitty
Jenna's new Pottery Barn Halloween Treat Basket.
Too cute!!!