Friday, July 30, 2010

8.99 CROCS!


These comfy flip-flops are now just $8.99 with code.

I just ordered Mom and I a pair for Disney!

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I’m a BIG girl now!

Jenna’s crib was ready to be converted into a toddler bed this weekend. She was VERY excited for her new BIG GIRL bed!! We changed her sheets and took the front of her crib off and replaced it with the new toddler rails. She had a great nights sleep (until 4am – which is longer than I expected her to last).

7.28.2010 Toddler Bed (2)

Jenna helping Mommy change the sheets and take the bumper off of her new big girl bed.

7.28.2010 Toddler Bed (3) 7.28.2010 Toddler Bed (4)

7.28.2010 Toddler Bed (5)7.28.2010 Toddler Bed (10)

Sleeping like a baby!!

7.28.2010 Toddler Bed(13)

Angi’s 40th Birthday Dinner


Sydney & Jenna - lil BFF’s

Yes, they’re SUPER CUTE!!! But  no, this was NOT planned!! :)

7.28.2010 Angi's Birthday Dinner (10)

Sydney feeding Jenna lil balls of icing off of the cake!! :)7.28.2010 Angi's Birthday Dinner (8)

Happy 40th Birthday Angi!!!

You’re an awesome friend!!!    7.28.2010 Angi's Birthday Dinner (5)

Whip Cream!!!


I remember doing this same exact thing as a kid! Aunt Mary is the best at having a good time, no caring if anyone is dirty or fussy or all suggared up….because hey, she gets to send them home with MOM! :)

7.23.2010 Dinner  at Mary's (3)7.23.2010 Dinner  at Mary's (2)7.23.2010 Dinner  at Mary's (5)7.23.2010 Dinner  at Mary's (6)7.23.2010 Dinner  at Mary's (7)7.23.2010 Dinner  at Mary's (8)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Best Birthday

We all know that July is an AWESOME month. My birthday (shared with Joe Newkirk & Sydney Hyre) is on July 14th…. Jenna’s, July 12th. Sydney’s mom, Angi’s is on July 28th. You get the point…it’s just crammed full of awesomeness :)

This year was an exceptionally good birthday for me! I had a touch of the birthday blues the first part of the week (I think from pure exhaustion). I soon snapped out of it when I woke up to my house fully decorated. Streamers, balloons, the whole shabang! :)

7.14.2010 My Birthday 0227.14.2010 My Birthday 023

7.14.2010 My Birthday 001

Jenna also celebrated her birthday, along with Sydney & Clarin from school on Wednesday. They had cupcakes and a small party for the birthday girls. :)

Jenna licked her cupcake completely clean. I don’t think she took a single bite of the cake, but there was no icing in site!



7.14.2010 My Birthday 003  

Busy day huh?

My birthday was then celebrated with some of my FAVORITE people! My family. We went to Hibachi and had a fun dinner and just enjoyed each others company!

7.14.2010 My Birthday 014 - edited

Is it sad that my 2 year old daughter already knows to cover her eyes for the fire even before the chef comes to our table!?!  Yeah, she’s a lil over dramatic!

7.14.2010 My Birthday 0117.14.2010 My Birthday 020  7.14.2010 My Birthday 013 - cropped

7.14.2010 My Birthday 015 

Nana LOVES her babies!!! :)

7.14.2010 My Birthday 017 7.14.2010 My Birthday 018

7.14.2010 My Birthday 010

Oh yeah…let me explain. Joshua was in Charleston Stage Company’s Summer Arts Camp for 2 weeks. He was in a “Stage Makeup” Class and this is typically what he came home looking like. In hindsight, I really wish I had gotten a picture of him EVERYDAY to make a lil collage. :( This was one of his MANY super cute faces from camp this year however. :) He REALLY enjoys camp and is super bummed that this one is over. We’ll be back next year!! He’s my little artist in the making.

I just LOVE this picture!!! How cute is my family!?!?7.14.2010 My Birthday 026 - edited


The picture above was the FIRST shot. Everyone after that kind of looked like this…. hahaha

I couldn't resist posting  this one up. Joshua smile is priceless! :) 7.14.2010 My Birthday 029

Happy Birthday to all of the July Babies we know & love!!

Water Ways

Petra, Joe, Jeff and I took the kiddos to Water Ways last weekend and had a BLAST! The girls had just as much fun as Joshua, I think.

Water + Picnic + Good Friends = GOOD TIMES!!!!


7.11.2010 Water Ways Collage

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Jenna!!!!


July 12, 2008 this precious baby girl changed my world. She brings our family, joy on a daily basis. Her smile lights my life! I love you Jenna, you will always be my baby girl!!!



Jenna had a FLOWER party this year. Mommy made dirt cakes and the kids bounced all afternoon in her new Bounce House. It was a lot of fun!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Jenna!!!

7.10.2010 -5

Dirt Cake, YUMM!!

7.10.2010 Flower Cake Collage7.10.2010 -1

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear Jenna…. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!

7.10.2010 -77.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (57)7.10.2010 -47.10.2010 -87.10.2010 -97.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (11)7.10.2010 -157.10.2010 -107.10.2010 -67.10.2010 -27.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (15)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (18)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (19)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (20)7.10.2010 -18


Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful gifts Jenna received! She has had a blast with everything!! :)

7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (32)7.10.2010 -127.10.2010 -137.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (29)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (38)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (36)

The “J-Bug”

7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (25) 7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (26)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (27)7.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (28)7.10.2010 -147.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (43)7.10.2010 -167.10.2010 -177.10.2010 Jenna's Birthday Party (63)

Happy Birthday to my BIG 2 year old baby girl.



More Pictures from Jenna’s 2nd Birthday Party!


Thank you all for coming and sharing her day with us! :)