Thursday, January 28, 2010


A couple Videos from the Race, enjoy!


Joshua’s 3rd Annual Pinewood Derby Race was a success. His car was awesome, again (thanks to all of the “help” from Papa and Ev). And, he ended up taking 2nd place in his Pack!

Congratulations Joshua!!

Weigh in…RIGHT ON THE $!


The line-up.




Joshua was excited to get his car up there for the first time. Although, because he won the first heat, he didn’t get to race for a lil bit which was a little bit of a bummer for him.


Next to last race…




Big Trophies!

IMG_0191 IMG_0196

Papa & Joshy


Nana & Joshy






The FULL Album. Yeah…there are more!

I don’t like the way Windows Live Writer uploads videos, so they will be on the next post :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Makes me cringe. My insides turn. Gives me that “train wreck” feeling, makes you sick to look but you can’t turn away. All I can say is PAIN!

1.14.2010 017

Here are poor Devon’s fingers after they were smashed in the hinged part of a heavy Church door. Oh I feel for him, but I have to go ahead and post this so I don’t have to look at it any longer.

(Notice the shiny spot on the blue nail…This is where he drilled a hole in his own finger with a drill bit!!!)  & The middle finger is actually a nice shade of “pickle green”, can’t really tell in this picture. –ooh…there goes that nasty stomach cringing feeling. Signing out now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There’s No Play like Snow Play

The kids and I had a blast playing in the snow at Mama & Papa’s house this weekend! Joshua stayed with Papa & Devon Wednesday thorough Friday due to the school cancelations. So, by Saturday the boys were a lil worn out, but they still played with us REALLY HARD!

1.9.2010 SNOW! (4)

Joshua showing Jenna how it’s done. Down the hill he goes….

1.9.2010 SNOW! (9)

“Now Jenna, this is how you do it.”

1.9.2010 SNOW! (6)1.9.2010 SNOW! (11)


Snow Angels,

Mommy’s Angels.

1.9.2010 SNOW! (7) 1.9.2010 SNOW! (16)1.9.2010 SNOW! (10)

Papa & Jenna walking to the bottom of the hill to watch the boys come down on their sleds.

1.9.2010 SNOW! (19)

1.9.2010 SNOW! (23)1.9.2010 SNOW! (24)

1.9.2010 SNOW! (18)1.9.2010 SNOW! (27)

Party after Dark.

Dad said, “lets have a sleigh ridding party!!!” So, we did…hot dogs on the fire, lots of warm clothes and a couple of sleds later, we had ourselves a lil party. Dwaine & Jamie even came and played. The kids had almost as much fun as the adults! :)

1.9.2010 SNOW! (35) 1.9.2010 SNOW! (38)

Jenna, Mommy, Papa & Joshua

1.9.2010 SNOW! (39) 1.9.2010 SNOW! (40) - josh

Our “table”. My adorable brother says, “there’s a redneck fix for everything!” Isn’t that the truth!

A board on a ladder = table.

1.9.2010 SNOW! (36)

Dad had a genius plan to sled down the hill on his knees! UNTIL he face planted on the sled at the top of the hill on run 7 and tore a pound of flesh from his face…’s late boys. Time to come inside! :)

1.9.2010 SNOW! (45)

We had so much fun!!! I don’t think I have ever played so much in the snow. Even as a kid.

We made lots of AWESOME memories!



Dad’s eye the following day. (from his face plant on the sled) OUCH! That must have hurt!

1.9.2010 Dad

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Krispy Kixxy Treats

Joshua decided that the Rice Krispies were for him and ate them all. :( So, no Rice Krispie Treats for us….. Instead, we had KRISPY KIXXY TREATS! So fun and the boys LOVED them! (really Mommy and Jenna ate them all)

They were actually delicious!!!!

Better than Rice Krispies if you ask me us!1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 009

how old is too old?

….to play with Little People.

“NEVER!”, say my 8 year old son & my 13 year old brother! They were so cute playing with Jenna and her toys on Tuesday during our snow day at home. They also turned her new playhouse into Fort Knox during Jenna’s nap. (I didn’t think to snap pictures of that however) Boys will be boys…

 1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 011 1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 014 1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 015 1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 017 1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 019 1.5.2009 Snow Day - Little People 022

Slightly resembles Jenna’s playhouse after Devon and Joshua were finished with it. Pillows blocking off all of the windows, nerf sniper guns poking out of the remaining holes, etc.


the SS Jenna Lea

I stopped to let lil Jenna ride the submarine in the middle of the Town Center Mall. She did NOT want to get off after it was finished! She had a blast and I had a blast watching her!

Submarine Jenna

On The Coral

in submarine jargon, on the coral means :: on the bottom