Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Scrapping!!

Whew….I’m so excited to FINALLY be able to share these pictures with you. Mom and I have waited nine months to be able to call this our “Scrapping Sanctuary”…and boy oh boy was the wait worth it!!!! We just got back from our annual overnight crop & it gave us a little kick in the butt to get our room finished.

This is what the room started out like… BOXES & CRAP.


Lots of hard work….9 months later….this is what we now refer to as “HEAVEN”. (just for the record, Mom worked her tushy off getting this room set up & making it amazing for both of us. She deserves all of the credit!!!)

Bench Shelves Futon & PlayPenLooking inShelves (2)

Snacks Anyone?Mini Fridge

Mandas TablesCan Anyone guess which one is my side & which one is moms? Remember that I am the OCD one of the two of us. Mom actually made me lay a book on my table because it was “too clean”. HAHA Moms Tables Looking OutLots of memories will be made & documented in this room. We are very lucky we have such a wonderful place to work now! & the kids….they have enjoyed it just as much as we have. As you can see, Jenna has already claimed her spot in the room. She will be scrapping before we know it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Heart Belongs to Mommy

I never got to really dress Joshua up for Valentines Day....thank goodness I never tried either (for his sake). But...lil Jenna has already had her Valentine's Day outfit on and was sooo cute! She did resemble an 80's punk rocker, but hey...punk rockers are cute too.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Jenna started sitting up on her own the beginning of last week. It started out looking like a balancing act…. the most adorable balancing act ever I must say. She is getting better and better every day & her big brother is VERY impressed with her new skills!

All of this sitting up makes me sleepy. ZzZz

Toys R US!!!!

The best part of the Christmas aftermath? PLAYING WITH THE NEW TOYS!!!

Jenna – hanging on tight so she doesn’t fall out of her new chair.

1.12.2009 1.12.2009 (1)

Joshua enjoying his new wireless, gaming chair.

1.12.2009 (5) 1.12.2009 (6)

1.12.2009 (4)

Friday, January 16, 2009



A simple slideshow will explain it all :) ENJOY!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


The hunt for the AT-TE. Joshua had a BLAST running around the house looking for his “treasure”. After it was all over he said “I had a feeling this is what I was looking for, because it wasn't under the tree” – like he knew he was getting it, and wasn't worried at all that it wasn't under the tree. It had to be somewhere. LOL Gotta love kids!

It all started with a simple box…

12.24.2008 (44) 12.24.2008 (48) 12.24.2008 (50) 12.24.2008 (52)

“This clues a clean one & a dry one to boot….its where you’d clean your clothes if they were covered in soot.”

12.24.2008 (53) 12.24.2008 (55)

He thought that the next clue meant it was in the toilet…so as excited as he was, he was goin’ in. He rolled up his sleeves just in time for us to redirect him to the shower before he took a plunge…

“The last clue is a good one I swear, Where would you pee if you were hangin’ downstairs?”

12.24.2008 (56) 12.24.2008 (57)

I have NEVER seen this child so excited, it was an awesome feeling for everyone! 12.24.2008 (59) 12.24.2008 (61) 12.24.2008 (63) 12.24.2008 (65)

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE walker)

12.24.2008 At-TE

Snow Flakes

Ok…let me back up a lil. Before the Visiting Santa fiasco….I made Snowflakes!! Melissa & I were at work on December 23rd…the day before Christmas Eve…bored I must say. So, I was checking up on my dear friend Warren...on his blog. (He always has the coolest stuff on his blog – I have blog envy) Anyways…Warren’s super cool, neato family made some awesome snowflakes…so I thought to myself hmm…I haven’t done that in years. So, I paged Melissa in her office and we started our snowflake making journey….

12.23.2008 Snowflakes (3)

I gave my knock off WV snowflake to the #1 most loyal WVU fan there is…my bestest friend Sarah. She thought it was made of gold and made me feel much better about my serious lack of snowflake making skills.

12.23.2008 Snowflakes (4) 12.23.2008 Snowflakes


I know, I know….I’m a lil late. Ok, REALLY LATE!! :( It’s because we had sooo much fun that I forgot about my blog for a min. HAHA is that possible?!? Let me just give you a lil rundown…

The Day Before Christmas Eve…. I wanted to take the kiddos to see Santa, so I rushed home from work to find that my grandma and mom had gotten a lil too much into the wine. It was all fun if you could get past Nanny’s obsession with “tacos” and them holding hands pretending to “sneak” through the mall together. As mom tactfully put it on her blog “BLESS MY LITTLE HEART”, for having to put up with them. hahaha


Doesn’t Jenna look soooo happy to see Santa? Maybe she’s scared he’s going to bring her a spanken for Christmas. Noo...she's been a good girl!!!!On Santa's Lap