Monday, June 28, 2010

Wine & Jazz 2010

Jeff and I had a great time with good friends at the Wine & Jazz Festival on Saturday evening. Kelly is right, the Catfish Sandwiches ROCK, the wine was sweet & so was the company!!


Sunday we went “birthday party shopping” at Michaels for Jenna’s Birthday Party on July 10th. I can’t wait to make her cupcakes this year!!! I hope the kids enjoy them as much as I will enjoy making them! :)

Oh and just a silly picture I thought I should share…
“Hunny, that's a mighty fine trunk you have!!”

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bounce House!!


 6.23.2010 Ball Pit 0026.23.2010 Ball Pit 003

Petra brought Eliza over to play with Jenna on Wednesday. We were eating dinner when I got this great idea to blow up a ball pit that my uncle had given me when Jenna was born. Mind you, I thought it was a small little ball pit with some balls, no big deal… right?!

30 min later, it was finally blown up…covering my entire living room!!! The thing is huge, but the kids had a BLAST!  Jenna literally threw herself around, bouncing off of the walls. But hey, that's what it’s for!!!! BOUNCING!!!

6.23.2010 Ball Pit Collage6.23.2010 Ball Pit 0046.23.2010 Ball Pit 0056.23.2010 Ball Pit 0116.23.2010 Ball Pit 0186.23.2010 Ball Pit 009 6.23.2010 Ball Pit 014 6.23.2010 Ball Pit 0216.23.2010 Ball Pit 0236.23.2010 Ball Pit 024      

As much fun as the girls had with the bounce house, they had even more fun with the air pump that we blew the thing up with!! HAHAHA this is their “Air Blown Look6.24.2010 Wind Blown


6.23.2010 Bath Time 6.23.2010 Bath Time (2) 6.23.2010 Bath Time (3) 6.23.2010 Bath Time (6)

My prissy lil princess before school the next morning!!

6.24.2010 Jenna before School - edited


Joshua spent the week with his daddy. They had a lot of fun visiting the Columbus Zoo and Cosi, but we sure did miss him!! He was also VERY surprised to come home to this crazy mess of a living room!


Jenna and Bubby in the Bounce House!!!

6.25.2010 Ball Pit 0036.25.2010 Ball Pit 001 6.25.2010 Ball Pit 0026.25.2010 Ball Pit 005

<3 They LOVE playing together!!! <3

Weeblos Weekend 2010

Our little Bears are now Weeblos!!!  They had a crossover/flag burning ceremony at the end of the school year (that I forgot to post picture of until now). The boys had a great year but the next two years of Weeblos will be even more hands on and involved. Camping, field trips, volunteering, etc.5.31.2010 Weeblos Crossover (3)5.31.2010 Weeblos Crossover (5) 

Our first Field Trip we took as Weeblos was to the Green Bank Observatory in Pocahontas County, WV. 

Checking out the Sun through the telescope!!6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 002 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 003 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 001 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 013 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 011  6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 015  

Our LOVELY solar system… :)Planets Collage

After the museum, we headed over to the BSA Camp for “Weeblos Weekend”. The boys had an action packed weekend including archery, fishing, swimming, bb guns, and nature hikes….

 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 018 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 019

Making Silver Turtles…YUM!!!6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 020 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 021 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 022 6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 0246.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 023     6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 0276.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 026

6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 0316.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 034

Jess, Daniel, Amanda & Joshua6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 030

It POURED the rain Saturday evening, but it sure was worth it to see this beautiful double rainbow pop up across the lake!!!

6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 039

Anyone who got caught wearing their hat in the dining hall was asked to sing a pretty little song for us all at the end of camp…. Jeff happened to be one of those lucky fellas!!!

I’m a Little Tea Cup, Short and Stout.

Here is My Handle, Here is My Spout…

6.18.2010 Weeblos Weekend 040 

When I Get All Steamed Up, Hear Me Shout…


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sun Sun Go Away, Come Again Another Day!


Mommy had a great idea to go to Danner Meadow Park to let the kids play. I packed the cooler full of drinks, we hopped in the car and headed to Fort Hill. On the way, we picked up Sean, a good friend of Joshua’s and headed to the park! :) When we got there, no one was there….peculiar… NO!!! It’s because everyone else is apparently WAY smarter than I am!!! It was 93 degrees!!! We stayed at the park a whopping 30 minutes! HAHA We still had a good time though :) Sweating or not.

 6.13.2010 Danner Park6.13.2010 Danner Park (2) 6.13.2010 Danner Park (3)6.13.2010 Danner Park (4)   6.13.2010 Danner Park (7)6.13.2010 Danner Park (8)  6.13.2010 Danner Park (10)6.13.2010 Danner Park (12)   6.13.2010 Danner Park (15)6.13.2010 Danner Park (16)6.13.2010 Danner Park (14)6.13.2010 Danner Park (13)

Jenna & Mommy on the Big Slide!6.13.2010 Danner Park (17) 6.13.2010 Danner Park (18) 6.13.2010 Danner Park (19) 6.13.2010 Danner Park (20)6.13.2010 Danner Park (25) 6.13.2010 Danner Park (21) 6.13.2010 Danner Park (22) 

Joshua, Jenna & Jeff

Going down the slide… WEEE6.13.2010 Danner Park (26)6.13.2010 Danner Park (29)