Thursday, February 25, 2010

splish splash at swim class

I signed Jenna and Joshua up for swim lessons for this winter/spring. This Sunday was their first lesson of the season. Jenna LOVED the water and Joshua is an ole pro, of course. Petra and Joe also signed Eliza up for the “Mommy and Me” class. It was really nice having friends there with us!

My Kini Baby

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons 2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (1)

Jenna & Mommy

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (4)

Bubby joined us in the pool. Jenna and Joshua both LOVED playing together!!!

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (7)


2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (10)


2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (11) 2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (14)

Jenna giving Eliza kisses

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (16) 2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (17)

She thought it was hilarious to blow bubbles in the water.

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (18) 2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (19)

Baby Eliza

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (20)

Still Waters

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (23) 2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (25) 2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (27)

Joshua got a lot of praise for his awesome technique!

2.21.2010 Swim Lessons (37)


Pack 19 had their yearly Blue and Gold Banquet this past Saturday. Joshua spent Friday night and Saturday making an awesome “camp scene” cake for the Cubscout Bakeoff. All of the dens participate in skits (which were adorable) and bake a cake or make some kind of a desert for after the dinner. Joshua won first place in the Bakeoff, his cake ROCKED!

Pond: with a dock & cat tails.

2.20.2010 007

Fire pit: with candles for the “fire” and marshmallows to roast!

2.20.2010 009

Tent: for sleeping in of course!

2.20.2010 010

The First Place Winner (in best of show) is:

“A quiet day in the woods” By: Joshua Walker

This is what Joshua named his cake. And please note that the fire pit is actually on fire in this picture.

2.20.2010 016

Jenna was highly impressed with the food, forget the cake!

2.20.2010 013

Joshua played a hilbilly in the Bear Den’s Skit.

2.20.2010 023 2.20.2010 031


2.20.2010 049 2.20.2010 053

Jenna was a ham the entire evening, she really enjoyed playing with her uncle Devon and crawling under the table to Mama & Papa.

Jenna UNDER the table:

2.20.2010 059

2.20.2010 061 2.20.2010 065

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Potty please

Jenna and I have been having the occasional “potty talk”. “Big girls pee pee in the potty”, “do you need to go pee pee or poo poo?”, etc. This morning we had our first try at it. She woke up with a pretty dry diaper on, which is the first step. My initial thought was, maybe…..just maybe she’ll go on the potty this time. So, we went in the bathroom, got undressed, and sat on the potty. And sat, and sat, and sat….. I talked her through it, “big girls...this and big girls… that” She simply wasn’t ready. I took her off of the potty, pulled her pants up and explained, “if she were to pee pee on the potty she could wear panties and not a bulky diaper”. I started into her bedroom to get a clean diaper while she mulled that over for a second. I soon heard the pitter patter of her two little feet (she follows me everywhere I go when we’re home). The pitter patter stopped and was followed by a dripping sound. “What in the world is that?”, I thought. When it hit me, Jenna was standing in the hallway, peeing in the floor!!!!! Ugh. Our first attempt failed….miserably. :) But it sure was cute to see her so excited to try.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

Jenna had a great time at her Valentine’s Day Party at school. We came home early and just played, this is how it went….

2.11.2010 Mommy & Jenna

Had a few giggles….

2.10.2010 Valentines Party 005

Opened Valentine’s Day Cards from school…

2.11.2010 Jenna's Valentines

Mommy got a new Valentines Day Otter Box, I sure do LOVE it!!!

2.12.2010 iPhone 002 2.12.2010 iPhone 003

I had to work on Saturday the 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day!

Ugh…but, decided to make some fun of it :)

Look at those berries! They were just as delicious as they looked!

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 001

And the Chocolate, it was pretty tasty too!

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 004 2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 024

We made Chocolate Covered Pretzles….

Step 1

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 005

Step 2

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 013


2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 007 2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 009

…and Raspberries. (which weren’t picture worthy, but WERE delicious!)

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 010

TA-DA!! Homemade Edible Arrangements! Made with LOVE!!

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 019 2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 021

While working on Saturday, busting my rump to make yummy treats for my boys, I received this lovely bouquet of flowers from my babies.

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 018

Valentine’s Treats for my Joshua.

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 029 2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 030

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 032 2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 034

2.13.2010 Valentine's Day 035

My two precious baby J’s made me Valentine’s Treats this year too! We always give each other the sign for love. And I sure do LOVE these Valentines!!!

2.13.2010 Mommy's Valentine's 001