Friday, June 19, 2009

They're leavin'... on a Jet Plane

Joshua & Cody flew down to Myrtle Beach to spend a few weeks with their Great-Grandparents (who live in Surfside). It was Cody's first time flying and Joshua just thought he was a "seasoned traveler", so he helped look after Cody. (that's what he said anyways) He was soo big though. Very cute to see!!! After they were through the gate, they never looked back....and off they went!

If you look close you can see Cody (in the white shirt) and Joshua is a tiny little spec of brown right behind him. Cody spotted me waving bye to them, he leaned over, pointed to Ev & I and told him that we were waving goodbye....and Joshua just kept on walking. I think he was too excited to even care who was out there. Boys will be Boys!

Up Up & AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

They landed safe and sound at about 10:30am yesterday...and no, they were not the kids that were sent to the wrong location. Thank God!

Have fun boys! We will miss you!

Sunday Afternoon Cookout

Petra and Joe came over last Sunday for a lil cookout for Joshua's "goin away". Everyone, of course, was all over lil baby Eliza. She's the cutest lil thing ever...with all of that hair! Jenna is jealous for sure!!! HAHAHA :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Upromise Guest Shopping for Manda's Kiddos!!!!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

We miss you G*Ma!

G*Ma & Jenna had a good timeplaying with each other while she was in for her visit. Jenna LOVES the outdoors and enjoys sitting and playing in the grass. We had a lil bon fire in the back yard and all sat around and relaxed. Lindsay also brought baby Kolton over to play. Jenna enjoyed her new little cousin but doesn't quite understand why he wont get up and play with her. (I'm behind on the blogging this was 2 weekends ago hehe) We miss you Nanny!!!!
Joshua spent the afternoon playing in the sprinkler...he's a "big boy" now. haha!
(too busy for the lil kids!)

Mommy's Lil Soldier

Joshua is fascinated with "Army Gear".
So, he played dress up in fatigues the other day.
He was so adorable!

"The only guns a man needs"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mud Pie Anyone?

Joshua went to stay with Mama & Papa Saturday night (while Mommy and Ev spent the evening with Mason and Courtney). Sunday afternoon I called to check on Joshua and he was in the shower..... Mama said "the boys had a mud fight". I laughed, thought it was cute but don't guess I really had a sense of how bad it was until I heard her say "Joshy hunny, clean inside your ears...I can see dirt in your ears". I said, "I bet they had a blast, but I'm so glad they're at your house!!!! HAHAHA
(note the frog in Devon's hand... cant tell which one is Devon? - he's the one on the left)
Boys will be Boys!