Friday, October 30, 2009

tippytoes & chopper

The kids had a great time Trick-or-Treating with Joshua’s friend Tanner & his family. We went in Fort Hill on Windham & Weberwood Road.

Jenna was Joshua’s lil tag a long this year, until she finally started to get the concept and wanted to “trick-or-treat” with her Bubby. She figured out that those nice lil people would give her candy if she simply walked up to them and stuck out her little hand. Although, I never could get her to say “trick-or-treat”. She was the cutest clown on the block for sure! As for Joshua, he was the cutest “dead, skeleton biker” on the street also!! hehe


10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 026 - edited2 

10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 007 - edited 10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 023 - edited   10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 028 10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 027

Jennabelle Twinkletoes the Clown

10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 005 10.29.2009 Trick Or Treat 031   10.29.2009 Candy Collage

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fort Hill Halloween

Jenna’s first Halloween Party at school was this Tuesday.

She was so cute dressed up with her friends!

Sydney was a Pumpkin, Diana was a Skunk and Ms. Jenna was a Bumble Bee.

10.28.2009 Halloween Party 001 - b&w2

Sydney the Pumpkin

10.28.2009 Halloween Party 004 

10.28.2009 Halloween Party 003

Jenna’s Purple Pumpkin she painted at school.

10.28.2009 Halloween Party 013 10.28.2009 Halloween Party 011

Jenna LOVED Playing with her new Play-doh!

She actually got really mad when it was time to clean up (when she started eating it). I think Joshua forgot how much he loves Play-doh too. They both had a lot of fun!

10.28.2009 Halloween Party 005 10.28.2009 Halloween Party 006 10.28.2009 Halloween Party 007 10.28.2009 Halloween Party 00910.28.2009 Halloween Party 010 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cub Scout Fall Fun

Last night was our second time meeting with Joshua’s New Cub Scout Pack. It was their “Fall Fun” event …so perfect excuse for Mommy to break out the camera! After their group activities, they did a cake walk and painted wooden pumpkins.  10.26.2009 CubScouts 00110.26.2009 CubScouts 00210.26.2009 CubScouts 003

Painting Wooden Pumpkins is serious business!!!

10.26.2009 CubScouts 004

10.26.2009 CubScouts 005

We are really enjoying our new Cub Scout friends! Everyone has been super hospitable. I think Joshua will have a lot of fun there!

Now, we need some more recruits for his age group… ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick Or Treat at the Market

We took the kids Trick or Treating at the Capitol Market on Thursday of last week. Jenna was a little reluctant to get into her Bumble Bee Costume, but not half as much as her Clown Costume (that she refused to put on altogether). They had a lot of fun picking out pumpkins and trick or treating. Jenna even held her lil ghost bucket out for candy like a big girl.


10.22.2009 Capitol Market (6) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (7) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (24) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (3) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (4) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (5) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (14) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (10)10.22.2009 Capitol Market (9) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (20) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (19) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (23)  

Joshua with the ladies….

Shelby, Joshua, Sonora & Ryan

10.22.2009 Capitol Market (25) 10.22.2009 Capitol Market (17)

Monday, October 19, 2009

It WASN’T Lola’s…but it WAS a good time!

We had dinner with the Vega family on Friday evening. Lola’s had a 2 1/2 hour wait for a party our size, so we ended up going to the China Buffett in South Ridge. It was a huge difference, but was still a good time!!!

10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas

Breezy & Joshy

10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (4)10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (3)

Although pizza is one of Jenna’s favorites, she didn’t seem to mind having Chinese.

10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (8)

Nana, Joshua & Dani

10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (7)

Jenna LOVES pudding! & tickles!

10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (11) 10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (13)

Alex’s parents

10.17.2009 Dinner with the Vegas (19)