Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Stache!

Commonly refered to as a “mustache”. There are many types of staches….some staches are BIG, some are small…some are young, some are old.

Joshua’s daddy got him a pack of “staches” for his birthday. And being a funny boy….he LOVED them. We had the “papa stache” the “stern general” the “friendly barber” and the “ev”. Jenna loved her new stache, until she discovered that with little effort she could actually lick it. What fun!


Other interesting staches….Mustachemustache_championship_02

Friday, March 20, 2009

What’s Black and White & Red all over?

PETRA’S BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 021

The Food was delicious!!! Allison and her mom did a wonderful job with all of the food and the beautiful cake! :)

3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 010 3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 0033.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 0093.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 020

3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 001

Jenna & Delaney enjoyed all of the attention & playing with each other. Although, it was much different from the other day….Delaney would scream and lil Jenna would just pucker out that bottom lip. so sad.3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 0173.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 0263.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 028

This was one of the cutest games!!! & Much harder than it looks I might add. well…have you ever tried to dress a baby blind folded?? – and at 3am in the dark DOES count!!! :) Petra was actually one of the top winners!!! GO PAY! Baby Newkirk is set to go... (if she's ok with lookin like a naked 80’s dance instructor)

3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 060 3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 0623.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 068 3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 065 3.14.2009 Petra's Baby Shower 071

Petra & The Baby got a TON of awesome stuff! Thank you to everyone for coming and sharing this day with her and thank you to all who helped me with the shower and helping me make it an unforgettable day for Petra!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pinewood Derby…..

Joshua had his District Pinewood Derby Race this past Saturday. He was very excited once the race started. He took 4th place, not bad not bad…and also got Best of Show… “Best Hot-rod” woo hoo! His lil trophy is so cute. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. :) Just wanted to give a lil update. And thank you everyone for being there for him!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Things about me

  1. My shower last night was amazing, (1st shower at home in a week) needless to say, I was in there for a LONG time.
  2. I say my favorite color is pink, but really I’m totally in love with EVERY color in the rainbow!
  3. When I was little, I couldn’t say cotton ball…they were cockle balls.
  4. I have one tattoo on my right foot (have had it for 6 years) and still the other day I thought it was on the left foot. ha!
  5. This blog is my way of keeping track and looking back on my life…since apparently I don't have much time to scrapbook anymore. (now that my scrapbooking room is finished)
  6. Many things make me gag….the smell of beer, cigarettes, and spoiled milk. The words crusty, creamy and oozy.
  7. I'm nauseous thinking about #6.
  8. I’m gifted with the number of best friends I have. You know who you are…I LOVE YOU ALL & would do ANYTHING in the world for you!
  9. This weekend is SOOO busy…so if you need me, and we don't already have plans…chances are it will be best to find me on Monday. Unless you know you’re in #8. ;)
  10. I love the lord with all of my heart and soul.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is in the air.

I took the boys to Kanawha State Forest this weekend. What a BEAUTIFUL day it was! We had a lil picnic in the park, the kids played in the creek & then we headed over to the shooting range. We all had a wonderful time. Ahh…Spring is in the air!

3.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 004 3.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 006

I kept saying “its only a matter of minutes before someone falls in the creek”. I was so right!!!! Joshua fell right on his butt and had to wear his wet clothes the rest of the day. poor boy!3.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 008 3.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 009 3.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 0123.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 015 3.7.2009Kanawha State Forest 019

Curious Jenna

Sometimes I forget to go in Jenna’s room and actually play. So, we spent the evening in there the other day and it was great. We had so much fun. Play. Laugh. Learn.2.26.2009 Jenna Walker2.26.2009 Jenna Walker (1) 2.26.2009 Jenna Walker (2) 2.26.2009 Jenna Walker (3)2.26.2009 Jenna Walker (14)

Cautious of the stroller/walker…Jenna decided to give it a shot. And whatda ya know? SHE LOVED IT!

2.26.2009 Jenna Walker (5)2.26.2009 Jenna Walker (8)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Discover Engineering - Two Oh Oh Nine!

Discover Engineering has become an annual event for us. The boys (Joe & Joshua) LOVE all of the science experiments and of course the homemade ice cream! Little Jenna even enjoyed it this year. She played in the water with Mommy, Pay Pay & Baby Newkirk (name soon to be announced). If you haven't gone to DE at the CC….we recommend going!! :)

2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (10) 2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (14) 2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (16) 2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (21) 2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (34) 2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (19)2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (26)2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (9) 2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (25)2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (4)

Long Day….zZzZz

2.21.2009 Discover Engineering (35)