Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney World 2010!!!


Disney 2010

     8.29.2010 DISNEY (3)We flew down to FL on Sunday, August 31st and spent 6 days touring the parks and playing at the resort. Disney was all that I could have imagined and more.8.29.2010 DISNEY (5) Joshua enjoyed Harry Potter, Sea World and Magic Kingdom the most and Jenna had fun riding any roller coaster that they would allow her to ride! She is my lil dare devil.

8.29.2010 DISNEY (13)

Long day on the plane and playing in the pool on the first day! (She has no clue what she’s in for)

8.29.2010 DISNEY (2)

Monday we headed to Universal Studios. I think we all could have done without this park, but it was a nice way to ease into our “Disney marathon” as we now like to refer to it as.

08.30.2010 Universal Studios (3)

After the Park, the kids came home and played in the Jacuzzi!!! I guess they needed a little relaxation. :)

08.30.2010 Universal Studios  

Tuesday we spent a fun filled day at Sea World. We saw Shamu in the show “Believe”and the amazing dolphin show “Blue Horizons”. More than anything else, the kids had the most fun of all playing with & petting the sting rays.

Sea World College2 Sea World Collage3 

Wednesday was Magic Kingdom!!! Magic Kingdom Ticket Collage

My favorite place of all. Jenna’s face LIT up when she saw Minnie Mouse for the first time at Chef Mickey’s! & Joshua’s when he finally got to hang with Pluto.

Chef Mickeys Collage

Tip: Chef Mickey’s is a MUST DO! This was by far our favorite restaurant. Buffets are a must! Kids are picky, we all know this, and a buffet allows for trial and error! :)

9.1.2010 Magic Kingdom (65)9.1.2010 Magic Kingdom (32)9.1.2010 Magic Kingdom (62)9.1.2010 Magic Kingdom (22) 

Buzz Lightyear!!

9.1.2010 Magic Kingdom (23)

Minnie Mouse’s GazeboIMG_1841

Another awesome restaurant to visit and see ALL of the Winnie the Pooh characters is The Crystal Palace. The food was awesome and so was the atmosphere.

Winnie the Pooh & FriendsWinnie The Pooh Collage

Thursday we headed to Universal, Islands of Adventure! It was crammed packed full awesomness!!!

(Their first glimpse of Harry Potter!)

9.2.2010 Islands of Adventure (26)  

Harry Potter was, of course, Mom and Joshua’s favorite place in all of Disney & Universal. They went gaga over everything in there. And, I must say, it was VERY nicely done. If I were to imagine being on the set of a HP movie, that is exactly what it would look like. They were very impressed as well.Harry Potter Collage

We had a delicious lunch at the Three Broomsticks (actual HP restaurant , incase you're not a HP fan) Joshua had Pumpkin Juice and a chocolate frog for desert :)

Honey Dukes Collage

Butter Beer for the Babies

9.2.2010 Islands of Adventure - phone (2) 9.2.2010 Islands of Adventure - phone (7)


So, I’m well aware that this picture is rather embarrassing. However, it was  too funny not to post. Take note in Joshua’s lil scared face... so cute! On the flip side, it was one of the best roller coasters in all of the parks!!




Islands of Adventure - Mom's Camera (80)

Seuss Landing was AWESOME!!! I could seriously live there!!! I WANNA BE A WHO! (hmm… :/ pondering this option for Halloween... stay tuned for that) Back to Seuss Landing/Whoville… 

Seuss Landing CollageIslands of Adventure - Mom's Camera (10)

Horton, is that you???

Do you hear a who??

Islands of Adventure - Mom's Camera (12)

Islands of Adventure - Mom's Camera (39)

Friday was a day of rest!!!!!!!! We slept in, played in the pool, and that evening Joshua and I went to see the Cirque Du Soleil - La Nouba

9.3.2010 Swimming (2)

My lil Rock Star!

9.3.2010 Super Star Jenna

9.3.2010 Swimming (6) - square 9.2.2010 Pool Collage

Tip: Pool Time is a MUST! I highly recommend more of THIS!

  What an awesome show this was!!! Neither Joshua nor I had ever seen anything like it!! I can’t wait to see some of the other shows!! (Vegas, here I come!!!)

Cirque Du Soleil - La Nouba

Saturday was bittersweet. It was the last the last day of walking, but also the last day of our vacation. We visited Hollywood Studios! It was also a park we could have done without….but once again, it was a blessing in disguise. We weren't running around all day on our last day trying to cram everything in. We leisurely visited the places we wanted to visit and headed back to the resort for one last swim and a night of packing.

Off to Hollywood…9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios (3)9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios (2)  

Artist Meet & Greet9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios 

Mickey Mouse Collage

9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios (85) 

Little Einsteins

9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios (46) 9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios (63)Hollywood Studios Collage   9.4.2010 Hollywood Studios (54) 

Long but very fun week! We headed back to the Hotel at around 9pm, took a night swim and packed up to head home. Early flight to catch…had to be at the airport (45 min away) at 6:30am!!! Shew. Wouldn’t have traded it for the world!! Had a wonderful time that we’ll never ever forget. Already planning our trip back ;)

*Disney 2010*